Optima NS270BRUSH

The NS270BRUSH is special wand, with a cylindrical rotating brush, to be used for cleaning carpet in combination with an injection-extraction machine.

The mechanical brushing action allows to remove the dirt from the base of the carpet fibres.

No residual dirt will re-emerge on the carpet surface a few days after cleaning. Even a very dirty carpet is left completely clean in a single pass. It is not necessary to use a lot of water to clean carpet, therefore the drying time is minimal.

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  • The result of injection-extraction cleaning with rotating brush is excellent.
  • Since the dirt is completely removed from the base of carpet fibres, no residual dirt will re-emerge on carpet surface after few days.
  • Carpet is left almost dry after cleaning and can be completely dry in couple of hours.
  • A lever on the handle allows to adjust the water-flow, for a deep or a maintenance cleaning.
  • The “S-shape” allows to easily clean as well under tables and desks.
  • It is possible to use the wand NS270BRUSH with any Optima injection-extraction machine.
  • Using NS270BRUSH with Optima S15 Foam, it is possible to clean carpet with foam extraction system. Specific foam nozzles are supplied with the tool.