Hygiene in Food Production: Discover the Ecological Advantage of Using the Optima Steamer

Elevate cleanliness, reduce costs, and protect the environment with the ultimate steam cleaning solution

Transform Your Cleaning Approach

In the critical industry of food and beverage manufacturing, where cleanliness directly impacts product quality and safety, traditional cleaning methods often fall short. They can be time-consuming, inefficient, environmentally taxing, and sometimes inadequate for meeting stringent sanitation standards. The Optima Steamer emerges as your premier solution, offering a revolutionary way to achieve unparalleled cleanliness with minimal environmental impact, enhancing both your bottom line and compliance with health regulations.

Efficiency and Sustainability in Every Blast of Steam

Why Optima Steamer?

Unmatched Efficiency and Sanitation

Quickly Reach Sanitizing Temperatures: The Optima Steamer’s ability to rapidly produce high-temperature steam (up to 135°C) ensures effective sanitization, killing bacteria and pathogens on contact without the need for harsh chemicals.

Safe, Low-Pressure Output (<10bars/145PSI): Unlike traditional highpressure systems, the Optima Steamer’s low-pressure output is safe for use around sensitive equipment and can prevent water damage and infiltration into critical components.

Proven Efficacy on Food Pathogens: Steam has been scientifically proven to eliminate common foodborne pathogens, making it an ideal choice for maintaining the highest standards of food safety.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

Controlled Cleaning: Perfect for Clean-In-Place (CIP), Clean-Out-of-Place (COP), Sanitize-In-Place (SIP), and Sanitize-Out-of-Place (SOP) procedures, the Optima Steamer provides precise control over your cleaning processes.

Minimize Wastewater: Dramatically reduce the amount of wastewater produced, simplifying wastewater management and supporting environmental sustainability.

Reduce Chemical Usage: The Optima Steamer’s effectiveness allows for a significant reduction or even elimination of chemical sanitizers, supporting organic and Kosher cleaning protocols.

See the Difference: Optima Steamer vs. Hot Pressure Washer

Our comparison chart demonstrates the Optima Steamer’s superiority over traditional hot pressure washers in food processing sanitation:

Feature Optima Steamer Hot Pressure Washer
Temperature Up to 135°C Often lower, less effective
Pressure Safe <10 bar High, can damage equipment
Efficiency High, rapid heating Lower, slower heating
Water Use Minimal Higher consumption
Chemical Use Reduced/unnecessary Often required
Waste Water Significantly reduced Higher volume
Sanitization Effective on pathogens Less effective on pathogens
Safety Enhanced around equipment Potential for water damage

Validated Log Reduction Tests

For those interested in the scientific backing of our claims, we provide validated log reduction tests on common pathogens, demonstrating the Optima Steamer’s effectiveness in food safety and sanitation. Contact us through our Contact Form and we will be in touch to send you the lab tests by email.

Ready to Transform Your Sanitation Process?

Don’t let outdated cleaning methods compromise your food safety and efficiency. [Request a Free Demo Today] and witness firsthand the Optima Steamer’s revolutionary impact on your cleaning routine.

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    Real Success Stories

    Discover how food and beverage manufacturers have leveraged the Optima Steamer to improve their sanitation processes, achieving a 50% reduction in cleaning time and costs, while also enhancing food safety and workplace health.

    “Steam Cleaned, Quality Ensured” Gourmet Cheese Co., Vermont “In the cheese-making business, cleanliness is next to godliness, and the Optima Steamer has been our saving grace. We’ve slashed our cleaning costs by 50%, but more importantly, the level of sanitation we’re able to achieve is unparalleled. It’s been a huge part of our success in passing health inspections with flying colors and maintaining the integrity of our product.” Thomas E., Operations Director

    “Efficiency Meets Excellence” Golden Grains Milling, Kansas “The Optima Steamer has revolutionized how we clean our milling equipment. We’ve seen a drastic reduction in the time and resources needed for maintenance. The steam’s ability to reach every nook ensures that we maintain a spotless processing environment. This efficiency has translated into cost savings and a noticeable improvement in workplace health.” Lily C., Plant Manager

    “The Heat is On, and the Germs are Gone” Fresh Fare Catering, New York “Catering requires quick turnarounds and impeccable hygiene standards. With the Optima Steamer, we’ve been able to deliver on both. Cleaning our kitchen equipment has never been faster or more thorough, giving us a 50% cost reduction in our cleaning process. Our staff appreciates the move away from chemical cleaners, and our clients appreciate the commitment to food safety.” Sophie D., Head Chef