Does steam car wash damage the paintwork?

No! Automotive paintwork is exposed to all weathers and endures extreme cold and heat conditions. The steam is a form of gas, as soon as it is exposed to the atmosphere the temperature drops exponentially. The steam touching the surface never reaches more than 100°C. We always keep a minimum distance of 2-3 centimetres between the tip of the steam gun and the car surface. The steam pressure is pre-set at 8 bares (116psi) which is relatively low pressure rate but powerful and sufficient enough to wash various surfaces safely and efficiently. The conventional car wash by high-pressure water-jet is lot more harmful especially if the paintwork is already damaged.

What kind of gasoil should be used with the DMF model?

Normal diesel from the gas station, the same as you would use for your diesel car. Can not be used agricultural (red) diesel oil, neither any gasoil without a proper treatment.

What kind of water is recommended to use with the Optima Steamer?

Soft water, it should not contain too much minerals like calcium, iron, sodium and other minerals. The water should contain less than 40ppm of total dissolved minerals. A TDS measurer marks this number, and if the number reaches or exceeds 40 than the water has to be pre-filtered before filling up the deposits of the machine. We recommend osmosis filters and provide it with the machine if it is necessary. The water temperature has to be over 5°C. The water quality can highly affect the lifespan and efficiency of the machinery. Never use distilled water or pour chemical products to the water deposit.

Does the Optima Steamer have CE certificate?

Yes, both EST3 and DMF models have CE certificate by TÜV. Moreover, this is the only commercial grade steam machine on the market that has CE, Gost, cTÜVus y CSA certifications.

Does car steam cleaning cause scratches on the car surface?

No! If the steam wash is applied correctly. Car wash scratches are caused by dirt, rust and sand particles meanwhile rubbing them against the car surface. Optima Steamer effectively removes those particles by applying just the right amount of heat, water and pressure. High quality microfiber clothes or towels are only recommended to dry and polish the vehicle. Steam is lot more gentle than high-pressure water-jet, furthermore there is no subject such as brush in direct contact with the car surface, only a soft microfiber cloth using minimal force. Generally steam car wash is lot more scratchproof than conventional car wash methods, moreover vapour steam has the affect to recover the original shine of the car.

Does the Optima Steamer only serve for car cleaning?

No, it is a commercial grade steam generator that has been proved its effectiveness in various cleaning applications. It does serve for both interior and exterior cleanings such as machinery, equipment and general industrial cleaning, vehicle, boat and public transport maintenance, kitchen degreasing, sanitizing and disinfection of bathrooms and restrooms, deep cleaning of mattress, couch, chair, rug and carpet. Our industrial grade steam cleaning machine, the Optima Steamer, has been successfully utilised in food and beverage factories, wineries, hospitality, restoration, governmental institutions such as hospitals, medical centres and ambulances etc.

How does the Optima differentiate itself from other steam cleaning machines?

Our steam cleaning technology is planned with environment protection and safety in mind. After many years of research and development we have reached the actual model, but we keep investigating products and accessories to fulfil all our clients’ needs. Only the best OEM parts are used to build up our steamer and the steam vessel is patented by our manufacture. The Optima Steamer has optimal operating steam temperature and pressure according to our research, and it also has multiple safety features to ensure the machine never goes out of control under any circumstances. Please click here to study the technical features of the Optima Steamer.

Why haven’t I heard too much about steam car wash?

Steam has been used in cleaning industry for decades thanks to its sterilizing power and cleaning efficiency. Steam cleaning is a well-known method in upholstery, rug and carpet cleaning but is rather a new concept in the car wash industry. Our system has been welcomed in most parts of the world thanks to its environment-friendliness and surprising cleaning results. It is distributed in more than forty countries. We are changing the car cleaning and commercial cleaning sectors all over the world.

Do I need a wastewater facility or any special permits to use the machines?

As we use small amount of water for cleaning and we do not leave wastewater on the ground we do not need any water reclaim or wastewater recycling system. This will save you a lot of money and time when you are setting up your business. Every country and town halls have different regulations, but in most of the cases the Optima Steamer can be utilised for mobile steam cleaning and eco car wash businesses.

Can the steam produced by the Optima Steamer clean a very dirty car?

Yes, the Optima Steamer generates high temperature and relatively low pressure steam (ca. 8 bars) but powerful enough to remove all kind of dirt of any surfaces. Instead of cleaning by high pressure water the Optima Steamer uses the heat to lifts up dirt and mud from the car surface quickly and effectively. In addition the Optima Steamer has a moisture control valve that allows the operator to increase or decrease the moisture content. Wet steam is used to clean heavily soiled part of the vehicle meanwhile dry vapor steam sanitizes and refreshes interiors.

How much water needs to wash a car?

To clean a four-doors saloon we normally use 4-5 litres of water, depending on the operators’ skill and experience and how dirty the car is. Also, the climate has great affect on the water consumption. The dryer and hotter the weather is it consumes more water as more water content of the steam evaporates in the atmosphere before getting in contact with the car surface. Still, it is a small amount of water consumed comparing to the conventional car washes that can waste hundreds of litres of water to wash a car.

What is the difference between Optima XD and XE models?

The main difference between the two models is the boiler heating source. According to that there are a fuel-run type XD and the full electric, 3-phase XE models. The XE series need an industrial 380V power source and is recommended for stationary use where there is no proper ventilation is available (e.g. underground parking). The Optima XD is the most popular steam generator of our range as it is completely mobile and can be used for both stationary and mobile service.

Can I use the Optima Steamer DMF where there is no electricity?

All Optima Steamer DMF machines are mobile units although it needs to be plugged to an electricity point but consumes as little as 350W. To obtain such a small amount of electricity the machine could be run from a battery with an inverter, but we recommend a portable electric generator that also supplies electricity to a vacuum cleaner. A 2000W electric generator would serve perfectly the two machines. We can also recommend one if necessary.

Can I use the Optima Steamer for interior car cleaning?

Yes, you can utilize our professional steam cleaning machine for various interior cleaning tasks such as upholstery and rug cleaning, stain removal, deodorizing, air conduct disinfection, leather and plastic cleaning etc. Using high temperature saturated vapour steam (reaches 110°C) is the only natural way to sanitize and disinfect surfaces eliminating bacteria, moulds, dust mites and microorganisms causes bed small and discomfort.

May I use degreaser, detergent, wax or other chemicals for car cleaning?

Although the Optima Steamer is very efficient chemical-free cleaning equipment, there is a possibility to incorporate detergent into the steam wash. All products apply before or after the steam cleaning process by a spray bottle or atomizer, but never put chemical products into the water tank. As an optional accessory there is a spray bottle to connect to the steam gun’s tip that will spray a mixture of steam with detergent. We recommend using the spray bottle before passing only steam and the microfiber cloth. Biodegradable products are highly recommended, please consult us about cleaning products availability.

What other accessories do I need for optimizing the cleaning result?

For car cleaning purposes in a service centre or doing it mobile the most important accessory is the high quality microfiber cloth what we also provide. It is obligatory to dry the vehicle properly. Although your accessory purchase decision will be based on the application and type of services you offer. Please contact us for the complete list of accessories available for the Optima Steamer

How long does it take to clean a car with the Optima Steamer?

The Optima Steamer is designed for two users (comes with two steam hoses and guns). Considering this scenario two experienced steam car cleaner can wash at the same time, finishing a car exterior in 10-15 minutes depending on the car size and dirt level. If only one person is cleaning the vehicle it can take the double time, up to 20-30 minutes depending also on the person’s skill level.

How often do I need to refill the water tank?

The water deposit capacity of the Optima Steamer DMF is 20 litres. If we consume 4-6 litres of water per car wash we should refill the water tank after every four washes. However the low level sensor in the water tank will go off before using up all 20 litres. When two operators are working with the machine continuously the water tank should be refilled once in an hour. The EST3 has a 40 litres water tank, which allows operating it two times more with one refill.

How much gasoil needed to wash a car with the Optima Steamer XD?

The fuel tank capacity of the Optima Steamer XD is 20 litres. It takes about 0,5-0,9 litres of gasoil per car wash. With one tank full of diesel we should be able to clean up to 30 cars, although the minimum level sensor of the diesel tank will go off when 15 litres of the gasoil has been consumed. This is another safety feature of the machinery.

How long do I need to wait to clean the next car after one wash?

The Optima Steamer is designed for 24 hours operation on 365 days a year. There is no waiting time between washes what so ever, the machine keeps the same steam pressure and temperature. In fact, the fuel and electricity efficiency is the highest when used continuously. Indeed, there are couple of minutes of preheating time in the beginning of the day.