Your furniture is one of the most important parts of your home. In order to keep it in top condition and looking and smelling fresh it is important for it to be cleaned regularly. Many people try to save money by cleaning their upholstery by themselves, but that often does more harm than good.
Here are some reasons to have your furniture cleaned by professional steam cleaning company:
1. Prolong the lifetime of your furniture: Everyday use of your furniture makes it look tired, especially if you have children or pets. Over time dust and dirt can cause friction within the fabric fibres causing fraying and thinning. A regular professional steam clean can keep your furniture looking as good as new, reduce wear and tear and make your upholstered pieces last longer.
2. We use the best techniques and cleaning solutions: We train our staff to treat many different upholstery materials. It means your valuable and often fragile materials like silk or suede won’t be damaged by our cleaning processes. We use a wide range of cleaning solutions and technologies that are gentle on upholstery fabric but tough on stains and dirt. You can rest assured that these chemicals and products are all safe to use in your home and business environment. Your furniture also can be treated by a special protective stain retardant product that seals the fabric, effectively preventing spills from soaking.
3. Protect your family from allergens: Despite the fact that you vacuum your furniture regularly dust, pollen and pet dander can still become trapped in your upholstery. The most harmful substances to the human body are not necessarily the ones we can see with our eyes, bacteria, moulds and airborne pathogens are the real enemies both in your home and business. Whenever someone sits down in a chair or sofa a cloud of allergens in pushed up in the air where it can be inhaled, triggering allergies and other respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Fortunately steam cleaning can handle and eliminate them all!
To be continued…
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