Optima S30

The S30 is a professional injection-extraction machine, with 30 litres tanks for a long cleaning autonomy. Strong, compact and easy to carry, it is the ideal solution for cleaning upholstery and car interior. Its small width makes it particularly suitable for cleaning trains, busses, cinemas and planes as well.

The special high water-lift vacuum system allows an excellent cleaning result and a very short drying time. With the optional wand (NS300-M) or the motorized brush wand (NS270BRUSH) it is possible to clean carpets as well.

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  • The special high water-lift motor allows an excellent cleaning result and a very short drying time.
  • The size of the machine is small compared to its tank capacity (30 litres).  The machine is easy to carry even in a small car.
  • Spraying valve designed to avoid any breaking.
  • Quick disconnect spray nozzles, which can be removed by hand, without using any tool. The nozzles can be cleaned easily.
  • With the optional instant hot water unit (HT1800), the machine can clean with hot water, for an excellent cleaning result.
  • Drain pipe to easily empty the recovery tank.
  • Drain valve for draining completely the solution tank.
  • Strong wheels, in anti-mark rubber.