Optima Charis-Dual
Optima Charis-Dual

Optima Charis-Dual

The Charis-Dual is a patented self-contained machine for cleaning middle size area of carpet, with several innovative features.

With Charis-Dual it is possible to perfectly clean a 40cm stripe of carpet, in a single pass. Thanks to its 2 counter-rotating brushes, the dirt is removed from the base of carpet fibres. It is also possible to adjust the brush pressure, according to the type of carpet.

The water-flow can be adjusted, for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep-cleaning. The high waterlift vacuum system allows an excellent removal of the dirt and a shortest drying time: carpet can be dry in couple of hours.

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  • With only 60 decibel, it is possible to work without disturbing other people.
  • The patented “click” system allows to manoeuvre the machine in a lightest way. It is possible to work for many hours without effort.
  • With Charis-Dual it is also possible to perform a deep pre-brushing of carpet before extraction cleaning, which is useful for very dirty carpet areas.
  • Adding the patented SMARTKIT system, it is possible to perform automatic chemical dosing, carpet pre-spraying and rinsing.
  • The optional squeegee SQ720E allows to clean hard floor, moving forward. Charis-Dual is transformed in a powerful scrubber drier, with 2 cylindrical brushes. Extra brushes, specific for hard floor cleaning, are also available.
  • Possibility to connect the machine with optional tools for cleaning hard-to-reach corners.
  • Controls at a comfortable height for the worker.